Sip, Share, and Celebrate: Gracianna Winery’s “Grateful Gathering” Virtual Tasting offers a Toast to Team Unity and Employee Appreciation

Nestled in the heart of Sonoma County, Gracianna Winery is breaking barriers and fostering connection through its innovative “Grateful Gathering” Virtual Tasting program. This unique program brings teams and clients together from all over the US, placing a spotlight on the importance of team unity, and celebrating collective successes, all in an engaging, fun, educational and stress-free environment.

Harnessing the beloved qualities of Sonoma County’s wine country, the “Grateful Gathering” beckons remote teams and clients to sip, share, and celebrate while delving into the exquisite flavors of four award-winning Gracianna Russian River Valley wines. This experience is a hassle-free way to enhance the wine palette while sparking work team engagement. Fernando Arellano, Gracianna’s expert Hospitality Manager, ensures a seamless experience with each thoughtfully curated tasting kit arriving in secure packaging to all participants, guaranteeing a fun-filled experience for all involved.

Recognizing the critical need for authentic connections in today’s corporate landscape, Lisa Amador, co-founder of Gracianna Winery, emphasizes the significance of meaningful engagements. “Our ‘Grateful Gathering’ online wine tasting directly addresses the imperative for teams to unite across distances, celebrating shared achievements,” says Amador. “Through easy-to-use virtual technology, we offer an immersive Sonoma County wine tasting experience that not only fosters stronger team relationships but also cultivates satisfaction among clients, partners and employees alike.”

Thoughtfully crafted to facilitate engagement and collaboration in the workplace, this program allows teams to convene in a relaxing sixty-minute wine-tasting session. It serves as a platform to commemorate milestones, as a well-deserved reward for your teams or to showcase important clients or partners.

Kerry Huffman, VP of Client Services at Labrador Systems, Inc., praises the impact of the “Grateful Gathering,” affirming its success in enhancing client satisfaction. “Our investment in Gracianna’s “Grateful Gatherings” has yielded substantial returns. We’re excited to extend this program to honor and appreciate our team members.”

Not limited to businesses, families and friends are encouraged to seize the opportunity offered by this program, utilizing it to commemorate important events, holidays, or impromptu gatherings for groups of eight or more; with the magic of the lauded Gracianna tasting room brought to the comfort of home.

Gracianna offers a complete turn-key program and has streamlined organization, billing, and shipping, making it straightforward for hosts. Each tasting kit comprises four award-winning Gracianna Russian River Valley wines in 50ml (2 oz.) glass bottles – including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Zinfandel. Priced at $75 per kit (which includes secure shipping almost anywhere in the US,) it encompasses an hour-long meticulously produced virtual tasting guided by Gracianna’s brand ambassadors. Businesses or individuals keen on hosting a Grateful Gathering virtual tasting can easily do so by visiting Gracianna Winery’s website.

Earning accolades not just in wine competitions but also in hospitality, Gracianna has recently received the 2023 Travelers’ Choice Award as a global top 10% destination from TripAdvisor and maintains a stellar five-star rating on Yelp among 3,600 wineries in California. This is a testament to Gracianna’s unwavering commitment to excellence in both wine and hospitality.