Gracianna Medallion Wine Clubs

Our award-winning wine is handmade from brilliant fruit for those with something to be grateful for. Upon joining the club receive your personalized stone medallion that will hang on your very own vine in our Mercedes Estate vineyard – the only winery in the world where the vines wear jewels.

  • Buy wine direct from the family at a savings.
  • Ultra-premium wine delivered right to your door.
  • Ship anywhere.
  • Upon joining the Medallion Club you will receive one personalized custom Gracianna vineyard medallion to hang on your own vine.*
  • We offer three distinctive Medallion Clubs that automatically ship two times per year in April and October for your convenience. Shipping (unless you pick up your wine) and CA sales tax is added at the time of shipment.

* $25 Medallion fee charged with first order. Should you need to leave Gracianna, we’ll mail your Medallion to you prepaid.

Medallion Case Club

12 bottles twice a year.

Medallion Half Case Club

6 bottles twice a year.

Medallion Quattro Club

4 bottles twice a year.

* Price Shown is Per Shipment. Tax and shipping are additional.

** Mixed Quattro and Case club includes Pinot Noir, Estate Pinot Noir, Zinfandel and Chardonnay; Mixed Half-Case Club includes 2 Pinot Noir, 1 each Estate Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, and 2 Chardonnay.

*** All Red club includes half Pinot Noir and Zinfandel

Click below for some examples of customers’ Gracianna Medallion Wine Club medallions hanging on their vines: 

Gracianna Medallion Wine Club™ FAQ

More details about our exciting wine club

  • Shipping and CA sales tax are added. You are taking possession of your wine in California.
  • Please have your wine shipped to a business address where someone 21 years or older can sign for it.
  • Any club can be pre-paid for a defined period – the first shipment is always prepaid.
  • Our latest releases will always be included in the first club shipment after release in April. You are guaranteed to have priority access to our latest releases!
  • All wines and vintage chosen to be included in each club shipment are curated by the winemaker himself.
  • The club is the convenient way to take delivery to your home or office (a signature from a person at least 21 years of age is always required.)
  • We’ll tell you it’s on the way—make sure your email or your gift recipient’s email is on file with us and we will send an email alert when your order has shipped.
  • For gift giving, an email notification is sent along with your gift message within 24 hours of placing your order and will also ensure timely delivery since it will remind the recipient an adult signature is required.
  • Initial club shipments are normally sent within 5 business days after placing your order.
  • Club shipments will be shipped by the 25th of the month, in March and October.
  • Club memberships are shipped until cancelled.
  • We accept cancellations 10 days prior to a shipment being sent (we cannot cancel an order that is already in the shipping queue.) Please call or email.
  • The Medallion club is an annual subscription membership; therefore a cancellation fee applies if the club is cancelled before the second shipment ($40 for Quattro clubs, $60 for Half-Case clubs, and $100 for Case clubs, charged to your card.)
  • A $25 Medallion fee is charged with your first order. Should you need to leave Gracianna, we’ll mail your Medallion to you prepaid.
  • During extreme hot and cold temperatures, the club shipment may be delayed to prevent any harm to our brilliant wines.
  • You can pick up your wine at our tasting room to save on shipping. Just let us know!

What are the differences and benefits of the Gracianna Medallion Wine Clubs?

Wine clubs are subscriptions in which members receive a specified number of bottles of wine on an ongoing basis depending on the program you choose. Your wine is delivered to your door. Wines are selected by our winemaker, who provides tasting notes that include information about each wine and the winery.

Whether for your personal enjoyment or sent as a gift, The Gracianna Medallion Wine Club™ is a super way to stay in touch with Gracianna Winery and the Amador family of Sonoma County and to ensure you receive an allotment of these highly desired wines. Our goal is to send you wines that you’ll want to order again!

Each of our wine clubs includes

  • Our premium wines made by Gracianna Winery
  • Convenient delivery to your home or office
  • Detailed tasting notes on each wine
  • Inclusion in our email newsletter informing you on what’s going on at the winery and in the region
  • Member savings on additional bottles
  • Access to special format bottles, such as special edition magnums
  • Other special benefits throughout the year

Why is it called the Gracianna Medallion Wine Club?

Gracianna offers something no other winery in the world does. We create a Personalized Stone Medallion with your name, a message, or the name of someone you wish to honor and we affix it to your own vine in one of our vineyards. It is affixed to the vine as long as you are a member. You may come and visit your vine anytime (we love visitors!).

We are the only vineyard in the world where the vines wear jewels! You can see the first medallion with Gracianna and John Lasaga, the namesake of our winery, at the head of row 6 in our Mercedes Vineyard on Westside Road in Healdsburg. Medallions are earned upon membership in any of our clubs.

Pre-paid or ongoing subscription?

Any club offer can be prepaid for a defined period for your convenience. Subscriptions prices do not include the cost of shipping and handling, which will be added to each club shipment.

Wine club shipments may have slightly higher shipping fees to cover rapid delivery to minimize the chance of heat or frost damage to your brilliant wine. We aim to avoid this by timing shipments appropriately. For extreme weather, we will delay the club shipment until the weather is suitable for standard shipping again.

How do I give a wine club gift subscription?

A prepaid wine club membership is convenient for gift giving, with multiple options—pinot, zinfandel, chardonnay, all red, and custom mixed—available. Gift recipients receive all member benefits for as long as you continue payment.

Timing of your wine club gift: All wine club initial orders will include a detailed welcome letter and will be shipped within approximately five business days of the order being placed. If you have a specific delivery date in mind, please let us know. We are happy to do our best to target the date but please communicate with us on that and provide plenty of time in advance.

Gift notice: If you include your wine club gift recipient’s email address, they will receive your gift message and notice that a delivery is coming. It also ensures their access to all member benefits and future shipping notices. If you contact us early enough we will be happy to send a handwritten note.

When is my wine club order shipped?

Your wine club is processed and shipped in April and October no later than the 25th of the month.

There are a few exceptions to our wine club shipping schedule, as follows:

  • The first shipment of a new membership is sent approximately five business days from the time the order was placed, regardless of what time of the year the order was placed.
  • During extreme weather conditions, we will delay the club shipment until the weather is suitable to ship your package using standard shipping.

How do I order more wine club wines and do I receive additional savings?

Yes! Wine club members may reorder any wine club wines as long as supplies last. We encourage you to sample your wines and reorder within 30 days for best availability. Medallion Wine Club members are eligible to purchase wine at the savings they enjoy with their club, for example Case Club members receive 15% savings on their order.

How do I change my wine club address, credit card, etc.?

Easy. To request updates or changes to your Wine Club subscription, submit your new information using the “Contact Us” area on the website or simply send a note to To update credit card info, we are happy to do this over the phone, please call 707-486-3771.

How do I cancel an ongoing club subscription?

To cancel your wine club subscription, please submit your request using the “Contact Us” area on the website or simply send a note to You can also call 707-486-3771 to make your request by phone.

Please note that any wine club shipments that are already in process or in transit cannot be cancelled. In cases where shipments are already in process, your cancellation would take effect for the next shipment.

Since the Medallion club is an annual subscription membership, a cancellation fee applies if the club is cancelled before the second shipment ($40 for Quattro clubs, $60 for Half-Case clubs, and $100 for Case clubs, charged to your card).

We appreciate your support!

* Some state restrictions apply. Please contact us for information specific to your location.