Gracianna wines are for those with something to be grateful for.

But why? Gracianna was Trini Amador III’s great grandmother. When he was a little boy she used to talk a lot about being thankful. He always said he never really understood what gratitude was until he was in his fifties but passed the value of gratitude along to his family as well.

Gracianna symbolizes everyday gratitudes and graciousness in entertaining, because we believe that successfully hosting a special meal with friends and family is an everlasting circle that fills our lives.

To the family, the gift on our label represents everything we are grateful for.

Watch our special short film entitled Grateful Moments™ by award-winning director Elliot deBruyn. See it here.

Every year we write a Thanksgiving letter to our members letting them in on what we have to be grateful for each year.

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