Thanksgiving 2022: Still learning after all these years….

Still learning after all these years….

…we probably can all say this and do. Gracianna-types are experience seekers and lifelong learners. You know who you are.

You might have seen a reference in one of our newsletters recently where Ashley wrote that some folks have heard me mention that Gracianna used to talk A LOT about being thankful when I was a kid.

But who knew? Sadly, my great grandparents were distant when I was a kid, and as a kid I was too young to fully comprehend the learning that can come from those who have lived long lives. When I was young I didn’t understand the meaning of gratitude or grateful or thankful. Fortunately, a great-grandparents’ love or impact does not need to be distant.

I have quipped that I probably did not truly understand what gratitude was until I was in my 50’s…coincidentally about the time that we started Gracianna. The reason? It was just a word. It was a value that I knew was important yet had not given it the time to fully comprehend.

We tried to uncover the meaning behind why we were starting the winery aside from catching our kid making wine in the garage when he was 15 years old.

And then we realized it was more, much more. Lisa and I felt that going into business with our kids was a way to transfer two lives worth of learning how to allow our hearts to lead in a business. We felt that we could build a brand that we would be proud to grow as a legacy that would act as a magnet for the family—that would bring us and keep us close so we could share mission and meaning that would be fulfilling. Where our lives as servant leaders could allow us to advocate for being thankful for what we had found: love. The value of being grateful washed over us knowing then that what we had been flirting with, that the little grateful seed that Gracianna had planted, had finally sprouted.

It was important to Gracianna, the woman. In her advanced age (and for those of us advanced or advancing) it is not lost on us that many things sharpen in this age cohort and she knew the impact she could make if she tried. She knew that being grateful would emerge, later, much later with important meaning for many reasons. Health being a major driver, who knew one’s health could be such a source of singular focus? Holding love close, reconciliation, dear old friends, laughter and fun and did I mention health?

Also, in a recent newsletter we had mentioned a dear friend who was in turmoil with several things going south all at the same time. We looked at each other and without saying a word understood two things: 1) we needed to be there for our friend now and persistently and, 2) that we have a lot to be grateful for.

Knowing all of you the way we do—we see in your faces and feel your hugs and in your messages about how Gracianna has found a place in your family and on your kitchen table and your gift-giving list because it is a small reminder that being grateful is an easy, healthy positive part of our lives. And the wine is brilliant too.

Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving—we send our love today and every day.

—Trini & Lisa and the entire Gracianna team and family