Sonoma County is one of the country’s top destinations for world-class wines.

Everyone knows that if you want to find the little-known gems of a particular place, you need to ask the locals. They know everybody around, where everything good is and when something new, exciting and noteworthy happens.

From the coastal vineyards of Cazadero to the inland Los Carneros appellation, hundreds of wineries–from tiny to gargantuan–are scattered along our roads and highways. Much of the Sonoma County’s economy comes from wine, and many long-time residents have at least one relative who works in the industry. And in addition to access to all that great wine, we’ve got amazing scenery. Mountains painted with perfect rows of grape vines, the grandiosity of the rocky Northern Pacific, and regular sightings of deer, sheep and even the occasional llama make us locals consider ourselves lucky. We appreciate the natural wonders of this region and life itself. This is what we call the wine lifestyle…based on enjoyment of nature, appreciation of agriculture, working hard and playing hard. And to us, playing hard means celebrating. We celebrate whenever we have a good (or bad) excuse–and great wine is to celebrating like a sunny day is to the beach: You don’t have to have one to enjoy the other, but it certainly makes things brighter.

So we Sonoma people are picky about our wines…we want just the right thing to impress our family or guests. It’s expected of us–we live here, so we should know the difference between excellent and just pretty good. The Amador Family named the brand after the family’s French Basque great grandmother, who is remembered for her talents in hosting simple celebrations. Since its debut in February of 2009, Gracianna has been a testament to the painstaking craftsmanship and relationship-enhancing experience that is showcased by a truly memorable wine. Gracianna symbolizes everyday gratitudes and graciousness in entertaining.

The Amador family’s training, education and one-on-one experience with some of Sonoma’s top wine people have paid off: our highly regarded Gracianna brand features premium Pinot Noirs, Zinfandels, Chardonnays, and Sauvignon Blancs from the Russian River appellation. Our winemaking method is to determine what we want as an end result, and work diligently until we get just that. “The Zins have a bold mouthfeel, with depth, spiciness and rich color, and are robust and somewhat tannic. We want our Pinots to remind you of a silky breeze–they are soft and silky, with a smooth mouthfeel and finish, and feature very fruit-forward flavor.” The family wants to ensure that everyone knows that Gracianna is for people who have something to be grateful for. “It’s for people who love to serve their guests and show them a wonderful time: Gracianna will be there for them.” Helen Bacigalupi, one of Gracianna’s prestigious growers and grape supplier said that our pinot “is the best expression of wine from that block.”

Making award-winning wines is unquestionably a family affair. The Amadors understand the commitment and dedication it takes to bring a crop to harvest and fruit to bin, barrel and bottle. Their imprint can be seen throughout the Gracianna brand, from their commitment to ensuring the hand detailing of each wine shipment which includes a handwritten personal note of gratitude from one of the partners to personally delivering wine for all Sonoma County purchases. Customers say they know it is hard work to make world-class wines but the something “extra” is the difference. They can sense the emotion that the Amadors put into every award-winning bottle. The notes are the family’s way to keep alive their great grandmother Gracianna’s value of being thankful. Ashley Amador sums up what she is thankful for: “I’m looking forward to continuing to grow into my role as a wine leader of the future that shares the bounty of Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley and for my belief that life is one grateful moment after another.”

The Gracianna brand has been coming to life since 2005. Gracianna’s home is on the part of Westside Road that locals call “The Miracle Mile” in Healdsburg. After 5 years of preparation the first production release of our 2007 vintage was made available in February 2009 and outstanding vintages continue to captivate wine lovers! We started with 50 cases of Pinot Noir and 50 cases of Zinfandel. Keep your eye out for our brilliantly produced creations that will likely become some of Sonoma County’s most treasured, award-winning favorites. And you’ll become a Sonoma wine insider yourself!