2023 Thanksgiving Letter

Another Thanksgiving and another caring message to our ever organically growing and closer-knit group of members.

Ours is a wonderfully resilient community built by folks who love and share their wine passion and food passion and travel passion and, and, and….

So here we are again, all of us, with our family and health passion right in front. We have pointed to worrying things happening in the world around us in the past and over the years—those things are ever present. They are scarier likely with the advent of social media and our heightened hyper-awareness of events and trends. But at the end of the day—what is close-in matters most. It is impossible to disassociate ourselves from issues raging around us whether they be geo-political or climate related or economic, etc., but what is central to us today is our health and our family and the everyday gratitude that rules our world. Even in the face of adversity and torment there is gratitude…for something.

We see it time and time again with members we have known for years and years. We know how valuable it is to be able to hold those close to us. So today we send a reminder that we hold you close as we hold ours too. And others will find the ability to hold theirs soon, we pray. Thank you dear friends.

Thanksgiving is another of those times to remember that after you open that special bottle of Gracianna, pass the cork to someone next to you and tell them something you are grateful for, then ask them to pass it along.

—Trini & Lisa and Trini IV, Ashley, Fernando, Laffy, Hannah, Maisy, Gayle, Wendy, Tom, Karen M., Karen H., Elijah, Silvia, Irma, Apolinar and Danny