Every year we write to express our gratitudes. And every year it seems to be even more important. In the past we have focused on events, challenges or triumphs from across the world that are far away from our beloved Sonoma County.
This year however there are families nearby that celebrate even though they lost everything.
The fires in the North Bay destroyed so much. Lives, homes, businesses, jobs and every earthly possession of our friends and our neighbors and community.
We ask you to remember all these vital members of Sonoma County this Thanksgiving and the bounty that our neighbor wineries produce that you will likely be enjoying at your Thanksgiving celebration.
Our community needs your support and prayers going forward and we are thankful for the outpouring of love you have shown us. We are safe thanks to the selfless acts of first responders.
We all have something to be grateful for. But we want to share a story of hope from one of our club members as a reminder of what strength and gratitude is all about. Our member Don from the Central Valley sent this to us last week:
In mid-October I suffered a series of “mini-strokes” and I spent most of November in the hospital. As I waited for surgery, my doctors told me to “get my affairs in order.” I survived the long surgery, and have spent the last 2 weeks recovering.
This week, doctors cleared me to go back to work and to “go back to my life.” Last night, after attending the symphony, my partner, our dear friend and I opened a bottle of Gracianna 2015 Westside Reserve Pinot Noir—the same wine I told my doctors I wanted to drink to celebrate a successful outcome as I was being rolled into surgery. I told them that if I survived I’d need a “Gracianna moment.”
We had that moment yesterday as I savored my glass of your beautiful wine. Just as you, Trini, told me what you hoped for your wines, we used it to be grateful, to celebrate life, to share with close family and friends. I’m taking a bottle to the recovery room nurse who was my champion after surgery.
Please know how much your work means to us, to me, to those who need “Gracianna moments.”
So in this season of thanks, we are calm in the fact that our love is what binds us together. No matter the distance. No matter the circumstances. We are thankful for your love and support as we go through these trying times. We are resolute and strong. And no matter what, will be stronger as this journey continues. At this Thanksgiving the symbol of our strength is being together, near or far, as our sacred love shines.
Raise your glass to all you are thankful for.
All our Love,
Your friends and family at Gracianna
P.S. We would love to hear about your “Gracianna moment.” Feel free to write us.