Yes, we face challenges everyday but it is easy to see the good that is close to us as well.

Living a grateful life is not hard. Taking a moment here and there – pausing to reflect on a person, a deed, a smile, a favor, health, a friend, someone that loves you.

And living a grateful life is healthy for us too. The experts say that those with a grateful outlook live a more healthy and happy life. Our friend, Robert Emmons at the University of California, tells us that living a thankful life gives us a more positive outlook on life; we exercise more with fewer physical problems. Maybe because some of us take a moment to enjoy a glass of wine, usually with folks we care about.

Our great grandmother Gracianna lived a long life full of blessings. She is here every day to remind us that gratitude is a way of life.

So see if you can find a precious moment every day to share the love and gratitude we have for what we hold close; love, freedom, family, friends, colleagues. The Gracianna Thanksgiving letter is always short and sweet. And we know that you have been good to us. Thank you.

This Thanksgiving we hope that when the empty wine bottles have been collected and the corks thrown in the cork bin that you and your family have more hope for peace and more love and tolerance than ever.

From your Gracianna Winery Family—we wish you Grace, Graciousness and Gratitude


Your Gracianna family: The Amadors (including TWO new members of our growing family – Ashley’s new husband Ryan and our big boy who just turned 4 months Trini V also known as T5!), Hannah, Amanda, Jesslyn, Christina, Danny, Tom, Selma, Tony, Leona, Sandy, Colin, and of course, Ricky the Tasting Room Kitty.