Dear Friends,

We go into Thanksgiving with turmoil in the world.

Our friends in Europe are putting their lives back together. Refugees are fleeing oppression. Fanatics are pushing an agenda.

But in the precious moments we call Thanksgiving we can only share the love and gratitude we have for what we hold close; freedom, family, friends, colleagues. The Gracianna Thanksgiving letter this year is short and sweet. You have been good to us. Thank you.

This Thanksgiving we hope that when the empty wine bottles have been collected and the corks thrown in the cork bin that you and your family have more hope for peace and more love and tolerance than you ever imagined.

From your Gracianna Winery Family—we wish Grace, Graciousness and Gratitude this year…for everyone.

Your Gracianna family: The Amadors, Selma, Amanda, Daniel, Jesslyn, Danny, Tom, Sue, Tony, Leona, Spencer, Christina, Sandy, Colin, and Ricky the Tasting Room Kitty.