Dear Friends,

Gracianna wines are for those with something to be grateful for. For our family, Thanksgiving is one of the most meaningful times of the year where we bring to life the essence of what it is that keeps us going.

This year, Gracianna’s theme for Thanksgiving is “stop and thank.” Emphasis on the “stop.”

Running a small business is not easy as many of you know. It requires dedication, the ability to multi-task and lots of energy. But one thing we do not tire of is our 30-year vision for Gracianna Winery; grandchildren coming into the business, the family growing by marriage, kids that have taken over and come into their own and over all, happiness from a long well-lived life. We seek a life full of wonderment and everyday considerations for how we get through it, how we master it and sometimes how we endure it.

We meet many visitors from different walks of life in the Gracianna tasting room, and we have become a kind of “clearinghouse” of stories that patrons share with us that demonstrate the power of stopping to give thanks. This Thanksgiving, we chose one heartfelt message to share. We hope it will add to your grateful spirit this holiday.

 There is a story behind our Gracianna Wine Club Medallion that reads

We live in gratitude. Mickey & Lisa”. 

Both Lisa and I lost our spouses in 2007, both to cancer. We were introduced by a common friend two years later, and set out to reintroduce happiness into our lives again. Turns out we’ve been together since, and just recently purchased a new house together. Lisa and five close friends visit the Sonoma wine country every two years and last month she visited Gracianna. She sent me a picture immediately and said “Gracianna” is what we need to name our new home as we are very grateful on how our lives have rebounded and come together.—Michael DeMatteis, Medallion Wine Club member

As for “stop and thank” this year? As we approach the frenzy of the holidays, we appreciate a gentle reminder of those people or situations that have caused us some moment of pleasure, relief, support or love. We hope you will also take a moment to reflect and “un-plug”, find some downtime away from the distractions of life, relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. Whether you simply slow down and curl up with a good book, catch up with an old friend or family member, do something for someone in need, or just stay in bed all day, you deserve it!

Thanksgiving is also a time to cherish gettogethers and phone calls with friends and family that we don’t get to touch very often or deeply enough. Hopefully this year, you can think of two or three folks that deserve a “reconnect” and stop by or phone them up. You shouldn’t be surprised when they welcome the call, as if you had never been away.

It is also possible that you don’t fully know the ones you wish to express your gratitude for. This year on behalf of all of you that are connected to Gracianna we are stopping for a moment to give thanks and help others by donating to the Red Cross for the typhoon victims in the Philippines. If you feel the urge to also help, we offer a convenient and private way for you to do so here:


Thanksgiving means gratitude.

At Gracianna, this year, gratitude means all of us together, again.

On behalf of the Amador family of Sonoma County and Jesslyn Jackson and the entire extended Gracianna crew—Happy Thanksgiving.

With love,

Trini and Lisa Amador

Thanksgiving 2013