The Gracianna INSERT NAME HERE program offer a fun and engaging way to make your gathering come to life with co-workers, friends and family.

Your Gracianna Wine Host will introduce you to the #1 TripAdvisor winery in Healdsburg with behind the scenes stories, wine education and fun facts and figures. And it’s super easy to get started:

  • Decide how many people will receive a tasting KIT with four wines. (Minimum of four KITS per order please.)
  • Choose your tasting date with your Gracianna Wine Host.
  • Provide shipping addresses for everyone attending. We can ship to all 50 states.

Gracianna will take care of the rest! Kits will arrive in 3-5 days and we will send out a private meeting link to all attendees.

Your Gracianna Wine Host will conduct a 30-minute tasting where attendees will taste through a flight of four award-winning wines. Guests will learn about each vintage and varietal, interact with the talented Gracianna team, and ask any questions they may have. (If you prefer a self-guided tasting, we can just ship the “KITS” without the zoom meeting.)


Each kit contains:

  • Four 50ml bottles of select Gracianna wines.
  • Tasting notes for each wine.
  • Invitation to the private virtual tasting.
  • Exclusive Virtual Medallion Wine Club. (WHAT IS THIS TRINI?)
  • A postage-paid Gratefulgram postcard to mail.

Our INSERT NAME HERE is a perfect way to sample award-winning Gracianna wines anytime, anywhere. Companies of all sizes utilize these virtual experiences to keep their teams connected while working from home or to reward them for a job well done. You can set up a tasting for you and your co-workers, clients, friends, or family!

And INSERT NAME HERE makes a perfect gift any time of the year. We are happy to customize tastings to your needs and can send out gift cards and invitations to your recipients.




Try this enjoyable and pleasing way to sample and learn about wine in the safety and comfort of your own home or office. Get started today!