Thank you for your Gracianna wine order. We are honored to receive the gift of your patronage and will do our best to continue to deserve it.

We want you to get as much wine as you like but we have an extremely limited supply, especially of our older vintages. Please order early to get your desired quantities. If we cannot completely fill your order we will ship as much as we can. Please feel free to let us know your alternate choices and special large bottle/format interests as well.

Gracianna Wine Ordering Information

  • We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, personal checks and money orders.
  • Credit card orders are accepted online, by phone, mail, or scan/e-mail us your order.
  • Your order cannot ship to a P.O. Box so please include a physical shipping address; we highly recommend sending to a business that accepts deliveries all day. A phone number is also required.

Should you have a question about placing your order please call the tasting room at 707-486-3771 or email us.


Additional Information

All wine is sold in California and title passes to you, the buyer, in California; therefore you will pay the applicable California sales tax of 8.75%. Should you need your order to be shipped, it is your option to authorize Gracianna to act on your behalf to engage a national wine shipping company to deliver your order. Gracianna wines may only be sold to persons who are at least 21 years old. Someone 21 years or older must sign for shipment.
Shipping options are available to most of the fifty states and the District of Columbia.

Delivery in Sonoma County is free on orders of one case or more.

Shipments are made Monday through Friday. An adult signature (someone over 21 years of age) is required on every wine shipment. In our experience you are most likely to receive your shipment sooner if an adult is available to sign for shipments at the “Ship To” address during regular business hours.

International Shipments

We are unable to ship outside the United States at this time.

A Note About Shipping and Weather

Ground shipping is only offered seasonally. Warmer or colder temperatures (80 degrees and above or 40 degrees and below) may compromise your wine. To protect your wine shipment from harmful temperature exposure while traveling by truck across the United States in hot or cold weather months, Gracianna recommends shipping 2-day air to better ensure the quality of your wine during the summer and winter seasons. We also offer summer weather ice packs for a small additional charge.

Should you require any additional transit options, please call or email the tasting room at 707-486-3771 or We are always happy to accommodate your special shipping needs.

Is ordering from Gracianna safe? Do you store credit cards in your database?

For absolute protection of your customer card data, all storage and processing is handled by a highly secure, respected, and well known payment processor. No card data exists anywhere on our website or our shopping cart servers. This means if your account (or our shopping cart provider’s servers) are ever compromised, there will be no cards for the attacker to steal.

When cards are saved to your customer profile, they are sent immediately (and securely) to the payment processor for processing and storage. In exchange, the processor sends back a numeric token for the card, which is saved to provide you the ability to charge that same card in the future. Since these tokens can only be used by Gracianna, they are useless to an attacker.

Thank you for your patronage!